Hooray For Uncle Clay

strawberry lilikoi with dream sauce, mochi, and lihing mui powder
strawberry lilikoi with dream sauce, mochi, and lihing mui powder

Type: Hawaiian shaved Ice
Category: Dessert

I know I know I should stop with all these “Hawai’i” themed posts but there’s so much more I can’t wait to publish about. First in my food blog section I have decided to write about is Uncle Clays.
Uncle Clays House of Pure Aloha Hawaiian shaved ice is an all-natural shaved ice shop owned and operated by Clay Chang (otherwise known to everyone as Uncle Clay) where all their syrups come straight from an all natural source. Now, I’ve tried my fair share of shaved ice shops on “da aina” ranging from Matsumotos, Samurai, Ailana, Shimazu, Aloha Pops and Waiola Shaved Ice but Uncle Clays is by far my favorite.
Every customer is greeted by Uncle Clay himself and he constantly works with local charities and continuously welcomes anyone and everyone whom wishes to adopt the “Pure Aloha” lifestyle.  I even visited on a special day because three of his sisters just came into the shop and shared their life story with us and I shared my life story with them as well. I told them of my post graduation pursuits and they encouraged me with opened arms. On the second visit here I brought the rest of my family and my mom left with tears of happiness, and my Uncle Clay was very adamant about my brother (since he’s autistic). My brother didn’t scream or outburst, and I somehow sensed that he felt the pure aloha as well so we was very calm to my dismay. Now, this entry is getting a little lengthy, so I’ll proceed….
Food Flavor
As noted above, I’ve had MANY shaved ice before but I really appreciate that all of Uncle Clay’s syrups are made in house and with all-natural ingredients. My personal favorite syrups are the Li Hing, Mango, Guava, Kalespin, Lilikoi, and Strawberry. You also have options of putting other toppings such as more Li hing powder, dream sauce, or mochi. My combo (pictured above) had the dream sauce and mochi. As they make your order, they sandwich these two orbs oozing syrupy goodness around a glob of ice cream (I chose Tahitian Vanilla Bean) and after you pay and sit down at a table, your first bite into your shaved ice creation is nothing short of pure aloha.

Overall, I love this place for both great flavor and great hospitality. Don’t skip out on this place, trust me, if you do you will regret it!
Much Mahalo,
-Hello Kathy


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