Take Your Massage To New Heights

MH_sportsbalmType: Massage healing lotion
Category: Skincare
I bought this sports balm lotion after experiencing some pain and tension in my back, shoulder, and neck from not properly warming up before dance rehearsals two quarters ago and it greatly surpasses Tigerbalm, Salonpas, and Bengay for a couple of reasons.

  1. It smells divine
  2. It’s all natural
  3. Leaves a moisturizing, not greasy feeling
  4. Massage therapists will show you different techniques to maximize the benefits of this product

Overall, initial application of this product goes on lovely and the tingling feeling lingers for quite awhile (something that I enjoy about this product).
This lotion is found at all Massage Heights spa centers and also comes in different varieties, but the sales associates told me that this balm is the most favorited by both women and men across the board!
If you’d like to find a Massage Heights near you, go here:
Massage Heights and “Elevate the everyday


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