The Calm of Canoes


Location: Canoes beach break, O’ahu Hawai’i
For those of you that have had the pleasure of living/visiting/vacationing in Hawai’i the surf culture is very much a spiritual as well as physical pass time on the island. The picture (noted above) is a quick afternoon session at Canoes in the Waikiki Bay that I experienced and it was one of the best seshs I’ve had in awhile. Being from San Diego, I’m no stranger to the surf culture, but the locals in Hawai’i are so incredibly spoiled with these cerulean blue beauties!!
Canoes is located on the Southeastern shore of O’ahu and is east of Fort De Russy. It resides in front of the Moana Surfrider Resort Hotel and has public access.
It is a good break for surfers of all experiences (since I’m still beginning, I was able to catch two good waves) but be cautious if you look like an out of townie. Locals love specific parts of this spot and those visiting should have respect for these waves and don’t drop in on someone else’s wave. The swells come between 3ft-10ft and come from the Southwest & Southeast direction (obviously) and can get pretty big barrels at low tide.
Overall, this place served as one of the most therapeutic places for me and I felt this intense calm and happiness radiating from within me and I can’t wait to surf this again in a couple of months!

Until Then, Mahalo Canoes!
I love you,


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