New Skin with Natural Aloha!

I apologize to my readership in advance for not posting as often as I would like, but fear not I will have new content ready in the fall. I just need to organize my train of thought and really develop this new blog of mine.
In other news, a week ago I received my package from Dina at Natural Aloha (I paid, don’t worry this isn’t sponsored, not that I’m at that level to gain sponsorship yet, haha) and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. So let’s get on with the good stuff!


1. “The Fix“: For use on acne, blemishes, minor cuts, scrapes, and bites. $18.00
I bought this to use as a toner as an alternative to my 100% Pure Mint White Tea Tonique and the moment I used it on my running scars, blackheads, blemishes, and newly forming acne the redness had subsided and by the next day it reduced to about half of it’s size. It smells very much like a blend of lavender and rosemary which I happen to enjoy. Although it says on the website that this is an astringent, this formula is not harsh at all for my oily-sensitive skin. I highly recommend this product and it’s versatility in usage!

2. “Homegrown ‘Olena Body Scrub“: Made with natural Hawaiian sea salt, dried ‘olena, lemon oil, and tea tree oil. $18.00
If you don’t like smelling like lemons in your shower, I don’t recommend using this product. But really, who DOESN’T love the fresh tangy scent of lemons at any time of day. I utilize this body scrub three times a week on the days I run to really give my legs a pampering. For those who don’t know, ‘Olena is Hawaiian Turmeric and has been found to be great for it’s medicinal properties. After using this scrub, my legs feel soft and moisturized and renewed. I also can’t complain about this product as well 🙂

3. “Pit Balm“: Use fingers to apply. Store in a cool place. Do not expose to heat or sun. Do not use on broken skin. Discontinue if rash occurs. $10.00
Okay, so this product was what initially provoked my into buying from Natural Aloha. I’ve seen so many great reviews via Instagram about this product that I had to try it for myself..and I am thoroughly hooked! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t scrupulous about putting on deodorant before because I just felt that what ever deodorant I use it never worked efficiently. After buying this Pit Balm and putting it to the test with a 3 mile run and a lifting session afterwards, I was impressed! Now, after I shower, I apply this stuff to my armpits and I’m just beyond satisfied.

If you would like to order some of your own Natural Aloha, go to:

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