A Letter to 2014..

I was inspired to write this letter to the year of 2014 when I saw Nikki Philippi’s video of her year recapping 2014.
If you haven’t seen it, this is it below:

After watching this emotionally charged, but really introspective video, it garnered me to write my own. Mind you, this letter took around two days to complete because my scatter-brain can’t seem to sit still and compose a simple letter in just one sitting. So, without any further notice, here’s my letter…

Dear 2014,
In really brief terms, the duration of your experience was like a Sour Patch kid and a roller coaster explosion.
In the beginning, you were really sour to me. My “then” relationship of three years had come to a brutal stop and I was drowning in what felt like a hurricane of shame, hurt, betrayal, and hysteria. It’s true what they say about a broken heart, it is as severe as an ailment and for three months I felt the wrath of its symptoms.

To distract from my broken heart I delved into my studies. I had a few more months until I graduated from college, my birthday was coming up, and I had to prepare for three months of post-grade travels. You, the year of 2014, came at me in the beginning as a testament to my inner strength. You broke me down, but I believed it was in God’s will to lead me to my breaking point. I had to break to become stronger and that was where my transformation began. After I graduated from college, my journey to happiness tarted with a refreshing annual trip to the island of Oahu.
Spending my time outdoors was just what I needed to really decompress. I spent a majority of my time outdoors and loved every minute of it. In addition, I also explored on my own, gaining my independence became very important to me. Learning how to be comfortable being alone, but not lonely. I was on the expedition to becoming who I truly was, three years ago, without placating my happiness on the behavior of someone else.
After spending almost a month on the island I returned home with a fresh perspective in mind. I began working out again, churning my inner strength into physical strength and by the time I left for Seattle, I had a blank slate.
By that time, year 2014, you decided that I deserved to be happy and I couldn’t thank you enough for that.
Seattle gave me so much simple happiness that it basically compensated for all the heartbreak that occurred at the beginning. I met so many new friends and had the time of my life. Then more adventure awaited for me in the magical land of New Zealand. IT was the first time I took a long flight (19+ hours) by myself and the first international flight/trip I planned all by myself. Again, in the land of the Kiwis, I spent most of my time frequenting coffee shops, walking about Britomart, shacking up in the Shire, and absorbing the Kiwi culture. In addition I met a lot of new friends along the way, friends that taught me that hearts break universally and you’ve got to sometimes share your story with other people. I left from home two months ago to embark on this “soul-searching” journey because so much of who I was became lost in the process of making someone more important than myself.
Dear Year 2014. This six month journey that you took me on was incredibly uncomfortable, but it showed me that just because you lose the love from someone else does not mean that you’re not worth loving. You (in your sweetly sadistic methods) guided me and helped me realize that by losing a love, the only way to prosper is to love the people that love you back tenfold; and that’s what I did for ten months. I’ve put all my time and energy into illustrating how much I love the people that I love. My support system. I distributed my attention to those that are WORTH it and I felt like I’ve become anew.
A newborn babe, with a #bossgirlmentality ready for whatever your successor, year 2015 has in store for me.

All The Best,


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