Fashionable Fractals in the Imaginary City

“Boston, MA- Emily Garfield”

When I first heard about fractals, it was in my senior design Walt Disney Imagineering design studio and it was presented by none other than Joe Rohde, the creative captain of Walt Disney Imagineering. The word itself captivated my attention because of its meaning. A fractal, in essence is a never ending pattern of complex patterns that exist in the make up of more patterns (basically pattern inception) but the beauty of a fractal is the in congruencies that lie within the structure of such pattern. Most fractal patterns occur in nature, and I think that’s beyond wondrous.
Recently, I found another article on CityLab that captured my attention. It was about fractals, again, but in the context of an imaginary city. Reading this article prompted me to fall back in love with maps and the intuitive nature of map making that I did when I was a child. Treasure maps were my thing, drawing out directions were definitely my thing; and when I came across this article my imagination began to fly fleetingly, once again.
Thank you CityLab and Emily Garfield for giving my mind something to expound about amongst those that are willing to listen.

Here is the original article:
How Fractals Bring Imaginary Cities to Life



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