#TBT Musical Menagerie

blink 182 w/Matt Skiba

Around two weeks ago, I finally got to witness one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME perform live (granted Tom DeLonge was MIA, but Matt Skiba did just as great) in the birthplace of their beginnings, the infamous SOMA San Diego venue.
I dedicate this Throwback Thursday entry to the music I so heavily love, yet my parents hated when I was growing up.
My first encounter with Blink 182 music.
I was around 9 years old and summers spent in San Diego with all of my cousins became tradition. Imagine a small single story house filled with ten kids ranging from 8 years old to 14 years old. Long vacation days without adult supervision meant blasting music from ancient Sony Stereo speakers while waiting for our Hot Pockets to finish in the microwave. I didn’t have a formation of musical taste at the time, so I generally listened to whatever my older guy cousins heard on current replay.
It was that hot afternoon where I first heard “What’s My Age Again” by Blink 182 radiating from the stereo speakers. I had no idea about the true meaning behind the song, but all I knew that the mid-tempo beat and rhythmic drumming was something that I just gravitated to. It was really the album Enema of State that won me over and the single “Dammit” that provoked me to heavily invest in this new genre of music called pop-punk. (And then motioned me forward into my rebellious teenage angst years and attending my first Vans Warped Tour my freshman year of high school).

This whole genre in general, made popular by Blink 182 and then its successors such as New Found Glory, The Ataris, Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte etc.  leading up to today’s current artists such as 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low is very special to me because of how much nostalgia it brings me. It reminds me of careless San Diego summers spent blasting this music in the garage, playing pool, learning the art of Pokemon battling, skateboarding, ping pong, Super Smash Bro-ing, and just having a good f*cking time.
I am now about to turn 25 years old and I’m literally still thinking to myself “What’s My Age Again?” because growing up is necessary but growing old? That’s just an option.

Everyone nowadays are all about going to these EDM concerts and I’m all over here just psyched for the next Warped Tour.
**Laughs hysterically to myself because I don’t have any hard-ass tattoos to make myself blend in**

Also, give my “Plight of Pop & Punk” playlist a listen. It’s located in the right sidebar!

Catch Ya Later


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