Monday’s Music Focus- All Time Low

I promised myself that I would make it my mission to blog more often in the year 2015, and one of the topics that I tend to love writing about is music.
I’ve been a lifelong music lover; my musical preferences range greatly (with the omission of trap music and super-hicky country music) I’ve gone through music “phases” but one genre that will always appeal to me no matter what mood I’m in is pop-punk.
Lyrically, pop punk to me is filled with great narration of those young years of late nights of invincibility. It reminds me of summer nights just hanging out with my cousins, doing the reckless antics that teenagers do. Nights where we had no money but we had all the time in the world and each other. Reiterate once again, that pop-punk has a special place in my heart, forever and always.

That’s what All Time Low’s new Future Hearts album reminds me of.
In its entirety, it’s very melodic and paired together with descriptive lyrics is just a formula for a well put together body of work. Here’s a summation of my favorite songs from the album (in no particular hierarchical order):

1. Kick & Screaming
This fast tempo song is exactly what late nights of that transition between high school entering college/entering adulthood with your summer fling felt like. It was definitely a fling that made you feel alive or “drunk in love”  with no regrets and no responsibilities.

2. Something’s Gotta Give 
Random epiphanies and feeling stuck in neutral is exactly the emotional backbone of this song. It’s that impression that you’re not where you’re supposed to be, that you’re meant for more, but you feel downtrodden because you don’t know how to get there. There’s also a great line of lyric that was just powerful to me, it reads “someone please come pull me out from the shadow of my doubt” JUST. UNNFFFFGH! *the feels were real*

3. Runaways 
If I were to embark on a road trip with some of my best buds, this would immediately blare a couple times in the playlist. Again, the pop melody that starts the song just puts me in such a good mood. As the song progresses, it becomes more epic and the lyrics get more sophisticated (insert similes and imagery inducing lyrics!).  Lyrically speaking, the song depicts two seemingly brokenhearted individuals looking for an outlet to feel free, independent, and with purpose. AND if ever, John Green’s Looking For Alaska is turned into a major motion film, this has to be included. If you’ve read the book, I feel like this song describes this idea of The Great Perhaps PERFECTLY.

4. Cinderblock Garden
If Taylor Swift was to revamp her famous song Love Story and make it into a pop punk hit, I think it would resemble this song. This by no means, indicates that this song is “too pop.” Again, I absolutely love this song. To me, its about exploring the emotional complexity of young love. About finding that one person that makes you feel content and happy. Not to mention the insertion of a traditional music box melody that occurs at 2:50, I dig that Zakk Cervini, I approve that tidbit there!

5. Tidal Waves
I may be biased towards this song because it was a collaboration with the infamous Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 (BIG blink fan over here..) but this is a slower-tempo song that is chock filled with insanely smart lyrics. My interpretation is that emotional vomit you feel that something isn’t going great in a relationship. You literally “can’t escape this feeling” and its your intuition that speaks to you. You feel used and completely misunderstood and like a pawn in someone’s strategic game of chess. And of course, in my natural fashion, I’m just going to list a few lines that I fancy:
“Why don’t you think before you speak, cause you don’t know me at all. ”
“Spread your lies like fireflies. In a white hot summer, trying to pull me under”
“You sharpened words, to use like knives”

6. Don’t You Go
The order of this song on the album follows after Tidal Waves and it serves as a nice lighthearted pick-me-up after the heaviness. It’s a cheeky song about an amazing one night stand (which seemed more like one great night of adventure) that shouldn’t have ended at just a single night. Overall, I love the tempo. Reminds me greatly of Blink’s “First Date” and I love it!

7. Bail Me Out
Again, another lighthearted song that has a super catchy chorus. When this song is played acoustically, I predict that it will be a crowd favorite. Not to mention, it’s a collaboration with Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, which is always a plus in my book.

8. Edge of Tonight
Another heavy yet epic song. It has a steady tempo of a ballad and lyrically describes the deep love individuals have when they feel like their only have each other. It’s a pop punk version of Bonnie & Clyde and a great dedication song to have in one’s arsenal if you want to belt this to your beloved significant other in the car.

As a closure, thank you All Time Low for coming out with this album. A body of music like this makes me still have faith in today’s music. In addition, huge gratitudes to Zakk Cervini, John Feldmann and company in the creation of this album.

Catch Ya Later


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