#TBT Cartel..As Captivating As Ever

TBTCartel2Most people don’t prescribe pop-punk music as being a base song for a jazz lyrical dance, but I thought otherwise. I was 15 years old when we were practicing triples and fuetes  and that’s when I came across “Runaway” by Cartel. The beat of the chorus was steady, so rhythmic; I became determined to do my first ever triple and fuete and I did. This song will forever have a special place in my heart.
Flash forward 10 years later and I had the opportunity recently to see Cartel live. When I fell in love with pop-punk music, I was very young and my parents being the “responsibly stringent” individuals that they are, never allowed me at that age to see these bands live.
Now that I’m 25 and somewhat of an adult (& not restricted to any musical preferences prefaced by parents or a boyfriend) I made it my mission to see all the bands that wrote the soundtrack to my teenage youth.
The show took place at the infamous Glass House in Pomona on a Friday evening and was accompanied by acts such as: Hydramelody, TEAM, and another band that I can’t remember for the life of me. Most of the acts were from Austin, Texas and they all had such a great sound. Implementing unique instruments such as the trumpet and the bongos was a great way for these bands to identify their individuality.
After about two hours of opening acts, Cartel finally took the statge. I was in a combination of shock and awe and couldn’t remember the order of the setlist for some reason…but I do remember that they opened with Say Anything (which was THE. PERFECT. SONG. TO USE).

Other songs included within the set list were:
Burn This City
Minstrel’s Prayer
Matter of Time
Save Us
Settle Down
Luckie St.

**Overall, I regret nothing by being in attendance in this show. The 2 hour drive after work. The blown out ear drums. The aftermath of ringing in my ears. It was ALL WORTH IT, to see one of my favorite bands perform my favorite album live. I’m sorry this post is super short for any of my dedicated readers out there, I’m just recently employed and still trying to regulate this work-life balance that is everyone’s conundrum nowadays.
I don’t know where this blogging about music and food will take me, but I hope it’s beautiful. I also hope I meet some fantastic souls along the way..Until then…

Catch Ya Later


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