Quick Update to Satisfy the Blogging Crave


To My Readership,
I sincerely apologize for being the shittiest blogger known to existence. You see, I’ve recently picked up this thing called a full time job (wishing that blogging was actually my full time job) and I’ve come home on nights where I’m supposed to delve deep into the corners of my conscience and share with you all my favorite music + munchies to consume, but instead I get suckered into the vortex that is YouTube and sleep.
My life has been pretty routine right now & there’s so much I have to update on. Here’s a summation of what’s been happening whilst this hiatus on WP was occurring.


  • bought a Sony A6000, that’s I’m superlatively obsessed with
  • celebrated my grandma’s 85th birthday, all 50+ cousins reunited
  • watched a drive-in movie, it feels SO nostalgic
  • Del-Mar Fair
  • All-Time Low + MTV Fandom Fest
  • **last but definitely not least.. 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER CONCERT (ORCHESTRA SEATS)

I’ll reveal further details of the All-Time Low + 5SOS concerts, because they were back to back (in a week’s time) and literally, the amount of endorphins I felt those days were overwhelmingly amazing.

I hope you all have a lovely time living your life. I’m trying to enjoy mine as much as I can in my free time.
Catch Ya Later,


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