#TFT- Thankful Thursdays

Traditionally, Thursdays meant delving into one’s archives to find the most ridiculous and nostalgic picture to post up on Instagram, but since Thanksgiving is occurring within this month, I’m dedicating my Thursdays in a different, more thought provoking manner.
In juxtaposition to my last post, my first gratuitous mention is the spectrum of music. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a budding musician, but I do dabble a bit in the ivories (been playing since year 9). I’ve never gone out to compose my own music, but music has been an essential part of my soul since the very beginning.
At the heart of it, I was born dancing. My parents recount the days when I would sit in my high chair, crying for food, but simultaneously swaying to Earth Wind & Fire, Tracy Chapman, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Led Zeppelin. They got a kick out of it; me not so much because my belly was empty.
Music was essential to my growth as a dancer. It taught me to listen to all the complexities that is found within music; it forced me to visualize notes, materialize rhythms, and express feelings of depth that I’m always too afraid to speak of. Music supported me when nothing (and nobody) could and gratitude doesn’t even begin to explain it.
AND, if I could make an honourable mention in the realm of music, I think there’s one human being in particular that I would like to thank. Thank you producer, writer, all-around badass musician John Feldmann for believing in the music of SO MANY bands that formed the anthems of my growing youth (and 2 albums in particular that happen to be my favourite all-time). Thank you for having faith in: THE USED, Good Charlotte, Story of the Year, Ashlee Simpson (Autobiography), The Cab, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Hedley, Saosin, Makua Rothman, We Are The In Crowd, ATL, Sleeping With Sirens, and finally 5SOS. If you ever read this John, know that you’ve helped tremendously in the development of a 20 something lost millennial find her musical personality since the pre-teen days. You’ve inadvertently comforted me during a heartbreak, helped me say “fuck the rest” when I’m feeling rebellious, and lifted my spirits when I was in despair. I will be forever grateful for your creative headspace. Don’t stop rockin’.
Sincerely With Gratitude,

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