2015 In Retrograde

It’s already the sixth day of the new year and I feel like I haven’t given the blogosphere and my wordpress the attention it so lovingly deserves. This year has been a year of a lot of firsts for me, and it’s been really revealing in my character and personal strength.
For starters, I landed my first job as a “designer” sort of speak. After my graduation in 2014 I embarked on a “self-healing” journey because my own demons that haunted me resurfaced themselves and I had to tend to them and keep them at bay. From January to until May I was still unemployed and working on my own internal pursuits whilst on the job-hunt. I landed the job I currently have today and had absolutely no idea what I was throwing myself into. I work for a small firm along the coast of California so my surroundings were a bit more relaxed than the tumultuous urban thoroughfare, but it was still a steep learning curve for me. The biggest lesson I learned is that from outward eyes is that I am incredibly shy and way more regimented than I’d like to admit. For example, if I don’t start my day at the gym at 5:30 am, the whole day is shit for me; from then on, my workday is going into complete shambles to be quite frank. In retrograde, this whole year has been a continuous roller coaster, emotionally for me. Here’s a quick summation in brief highlights.
  • January- Aunt & Uncle’s 25th Wedding Anniversary aka the weekend I found out how much my grandma could drink.
  • February- My bestfriend’s birthday, kinda a complete blur
  • March- WonderCon, aka the place for all my fandomonium to combust into sheer joy.
  • April- Finally, after such a long time, I saw my first pop punk band Blink 182 perform at the legendary place where a lot of bands started out in So Cal, at SOMA. Hearing “First Date” live, was unreal and my heart was bursting at the seams with happiness. This was the start of my live music addition.
  • May- Started my first job and learned the real struggle of young professionalism. Saw Cartel live for the first time and they still sound as great as they did 10 years ago.
  • June- My cousin’s wedding as well as my birthday. This was the weekend my friends found out how much I can drink.
  • July- Comic Con, always a yearly highlight. Finally saw All-Time Low during the MTV Fandom Awards.
    My first time seeing 5SOS in their first headlining tour and it was hands down the best damn night of my life. Also received a birthday e-mail from Calum, THAT was wonderful ❤
    Also, my first time doing photography work at Warped Tour, that was spectacular, because of Neck Deep & Sleeping w/ Sirens
  • August- Attended a “new” kind of festival Kaboo Del-Mar, and I loved it. Finally got to see Allen Stone live as well as The Killers live. That was amazing .
    Also, went to my first ever Foo-Fighters concert on a whim on a Thursday night, best decision I ever made.
  • September- Went to the Quartyard to see The Maine: Free For All Tour, and it was the best free concrete I’ve ever seen.
  • October- TASTE OF CHAOS. Reliving the teenage dreams I had and still hold onto, one Dashboard Confessional song at a time. Also my first experience crying at a festival (due to Bert McCracken and Justin Shekowkski and “On My Own”). Also, my first time seeing my  favourite band, The Used (also wrote a whole blog post about the ordeal…emotional overload central).
    My friend Eric invited me to his wedding and I felt all the feels.
    5SOS released their sophomore album SGFG and I went to the official release performance in Hollywood & Highland (again, all the feels were felt)
  • November- Thanksgiving, aka the start of my glutenous diet. Also my first time attending a Darling Magazine event.
  • December-Christmas, aka the season where I gain lots of “happy pounds”
Overall, I think this year has been good to me musically. If it wasn’t for music I wouldn’t know how to overcome all the mental breakdowns I had this year. I couldn’t have been more sad and elated in one year than in 2015. As I close this chapter on this year, the new in 2016 awaits and I can’t wait what else there is to encounter….
Catch Ya Later

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