All I ever wanted in life was to reach out and touch someone. Not with my hands, but with my heart.”

– Tahereh Mafi

Over the weekend was a real in-depth soul searching queue of events for me. I couldn’t explain what brought on this inundation of speculation but my mind, as it naturally does, began to wander. As I sat there in silence with my thoughts  and the anxiety of worry began to chip away at my mood. I began to question what it is I ought to do in life.

What is the best situation for my personality? Am I really in a place of personal achievement right now? What makes me happy?

And there…that question resonated over and over again. What makes me happy? I looked over at this postcard that a dear friend of mine from college sent to me and I realized that’s what makes me happy. Intimacy.

Not in any sexual innuendo kind of way, but the emotional kind of. Having heart to heart conversations over coffee. Eating brunch for hours on end talking about anything and everything. Knowing that someone accepts you for all your bizarre idiosyncrasies; that’s intimacy. I’ve been in a really defeated kind of mood lately and that’s when I realized that I lacked intimacy and connection on a regular basis.

Hopefully in the near future more caffeinated conversations come my way.

How would you define your intimacy?

Indelible Gratitude,

– Kat


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