Let’s Not Over Engineer This

I’m at a place of contentment right now. A place where I feel overwhelmingly joyous to be alive; Although these past two weeks I’ve been working thirteen hours a day-four days a week, putting in overtime in order to attend my favourite convention EVER (San Diego Comic Con), go to a Blink 182 concert, AND spend a week in Hawai’i with the people I love most, I kinda love the chaos of it all.
Although I am in a state of internal equilibrium, I do feel that I am ready to start exploring my options and delve my personal feelings into the shark infested shady waters that is dating. Dating in the modern era is so diluted with these “unsaid rules” that I just can’t seem to keep relevant.  Like my friend Kels, I am truly an old lady at heart, with side desires of a normal 20-something young adult. My favourite past time is waking up at 6:45 am on Saturday mornings and going to the farmers market. Meeting the people that have been growing my food for the past five years, there’s a strong air of mutual respect and love that I feel when I get there. I’m really not sure if there’s a soul out there that would enjoy these super simple activities as much as I do. As I digress from my tangent I need to revisit this topic of dating.
You see, like my old lady tendencies seem to permit, I also like dating old school. The ideal of “courtship” and really knowing someone for all their idiosyncrasies appeals to me. I’m committed to this whole “slow movement” that the world is now getting back into. I’m committed to knowing all aspects of a person, their desires, their fears, the things that make them laugh, the bizarre things they think about when their mind is at a standstill. You see, I’m committed to knowing all these things about a person, but I’m not so sure anyone would want to commit to the idea of getting to know me.
I know I am a complicatedly cognitive person AND I know I have more mental energy than most. I can switch up topics ranging from quantum theory to breakfast food. I am just curious about whether someone out there has the breadth to progressively comprehend the workings of my cognitive process.
Lest be known, my personality is strong and I don’t intend on changing my whole self to fit anyone else’s expectations, but if we were to look at this thing under Biblical implications, I would surely drown in the flood if I don’t find the complement to my onesome.
Just a little diddy that I needed to expel from my conscious. Really no rhyme or reason, I just HAD to update my blog because the lack of entries is ghastly for me to look at.
Indelible Gratitude, 

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