Everyday Geek Chic

Okay guys, this isn’t really a confession of sorts for those that know me in real life, but for those that don’t I’m an aficionado of comics. Big time. I’d figure to make a post about this just in time for WonderCon 2018 coming up this week and how to celebrate through your wardrobe!
While other girls were playing with Barbies, I was that awkwardly disproportionate girl reading up on the latest comics and drawing horses to my heart’s content; I didn’t really fit in and nor do I think I ever will.
Anyways, with all these comic-based shows and movies coming to fruition (hint hint….Logan, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Wonder Woman, BLACK PANTHER… the list can go on and on) I figure why not show your spirit in the workplace through your wardrobe, I certainly did. Every Tuesday, I wear The Flash related shirts because that is when the new episodes premiere. My coworkers never notice, but it brings just a lightning bolt of happiness that improves my mood in regards to my workday.
I digress though, because what I’m about to bestow upon you is how to celebrate your everyday inner geek without wearing full on lycra that exposes your private bits in a “grown-up” professional manner. Here are five tips to wearing your geek wardrobe on the daily! (For those that work in an office environment). Nurses & other medical professionals, you’re on your own…
1. SHIRTS, SIMPLE AS SHIT– Wear your favourite super hero shirt and partner it with a structured piece (such as a blazer or leather jacket or denim ). I personally always go for a structured leather jacket or a blazer (see Featured Image).
2. THE SMALL THINGS ARE THE GREATEST- Wear small accessories (pins, jewelry, beanies). I’m notorious for sporting a Superman pin on Fridays or wearing Ironman socks on my feet, completely concealed from the unknowing eye. Whatever your vice, it could be a small simple reminder to yourself to feel less normal and more “superhero.”
3. IN LIVING COLOR- Come up with color palettes of your favorite superhero, pair them in muted colors OR be bold if you want to be. The choice is yours. Google “Disneybounding” and see what I’m talking about
4. CUTE ASS CUTICLES- For the females, cute up those cuticles with nail art. I personally suck at this because I don’t have the patience to work on a small scale masterpiece, but I’ve seen crazy detailed nail art via Pinterest.
5. TIE-DIED UP– For the men, a tie could work!

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