About Me



Hi there! I’m Kat ♥_DSC1421

SoCal born and raised. Post college graduate trying to make sense of my calling in life.
Perpetually weird, extremely inquisitive, and always hungry/dancing/creating.

This blog covers a range of sorts that occurs in my noggin, but the main components are:
› Cooking
› Music
› Design

Being the multi-tasker that I am, I often spend most of my time cooking up the latest concoctions from my latest Pinterest pins or cookbooks that came in the mail. In doing so, the only way I enjoy myself in the kitchen is to play my Spotify playlists to the loudest they can possibly be and just feel the combination of melodies, harmonies, and rhythm spew out of the speakers and into my earholes.
Lastly, I’ve recently graduated from design school, so every now and then I’ll post my perspective of things I find that work well to my likings.

I’ve tried keeping this as concise as possible, but feel free to ask me more!


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