Women Crush Wednesday: My Mentors

Ever since I could remember I’ve always found comfort within the pages of the books I read. Whether they were books of tales and treason or books that were simply conversational, a book well read is a book well loved in my mind.
It’s been awhile since I’ve carved out time for myself to sit down and read for the sake of pure enjoyment, but I’m glad I finally did it. In addition, I’m also glad that I finally had the chance to read “I AM THAT GIRL” by Alexis Jones.
Within the first section of the book, she recounted her list of personal mentors that she kept in her arsenal for pure guidance and it motivated me to quickly (but insightfully) jot down my own potential mentor list. Without further adieu “The List”..done in sections because I have many mentors.
This section I would classify as my Arts + Media segment. It was really hard to augment my list of 15 down to 5, but here you go..
A. Sophia Bush:

Otherwise known in my book as Ms. Brooke Davis. In my teenage years I grew up watching OTH and in one particular episode where Brooke + Lucas had a classroom by themselves and they shared an intimate moment about Brooke’s insecurities. The scene itself was so moving to me and I was instantly captured by the layers of this character. Fast forward a couple years and I have come to discover that Sophia Bush wrote the foreword to one of my recent favorite reads, I AM THAT GIRL. She’s such a strong female role model in the entertainment industry and I can only hope to learn from her wisdom.

B. Kelsey Zahn Melton:

I first saw Kelsey’s work in Darling magazine roughly two years ago. When I saw this image pictured above, I was magnetically drawn to it. I needed to know the stylist behind this image and there I saw her name. From then on I followed her blog and later on realized that she is a stylist for one of my favorite bands in existence. I became pseudo obsessed with her blog and her writing style. Every blog entry I read, I felt like I was sitting in a coffee shop having a conversation with her, existing in her words of benevolence. Dear Kelsey, if you ever read this, please know that your writing, your creative headspace matters to me. You’re incredibly insightful and seemingly kindhearted. I hope to encounter your beautiful soul whilst walking along the streets of Los Angeles one day (in a beautifully crafted coffee house, for sure).

C. Claire Marshall :
Everyone has their favorite YouTuber, mine happens to be Claire. I first watched her vlogs when she first moved to Los Angeles. There was something captivating by the way she presents herself through her videos and the heart-to-heart videos that she would post on YouTube from time to time really resonated with me. They enraptured me in a way that was raw, real, and seemingly comprehensive. Her video, “Mary” is incredibly well thought out and really draws on the side of vulnerability that in turn exemplifies one’s strength. Like Kelsey, I also hope to meet Claire amongst the streets of LA one day. Albeit, I’ll be speechless, but then I’ll regain my composure (ideally).
D. Tatiana Maslany:
I was first acquainted with Tatiana Maslany through my cousin Austin. For those that don’t know, she’s an incredibly actress and leading lady of the television show Orphan Black. I quickly became addicted to Orphan Black and couldn’t have enough of it. One fortunate summer, I was able to attend a Nerd HQ panel during Comic Con and I got to witness her cognitive genius when it came to acting. An audience member inquired about her process when it came to getting into one of the twelve characters she plays in the show, and her response about how she compartmentalizes each character with a different genre of music. The way she talked about music and acting was hypnotizing to say the least. Not to mention her choice in music was equally on point.
E. Lesley Vamos:
Whilst in my freshman year of college in 2009, I frequented other campuses on the weekends and I came to meet this amazing soul in a boba shop in Irvine. She was a quirky looking girl sitting in the corner with her sketch book in tow glancing inquisitively at my cousin and I. After receiving our beverage order, we came to talking. I’m a shy person by nature until I find a common ground the converse about, with Lesley, conversation was easy, normative, and enjoyable. Within the forty-five minute conversation we shared, I learned about how she went to art school in Sydney and how adventurous and witty her personality is. This past Comic Con, we finally met again after five years, and the tempo of our conversation hadn’t changed. She also shares my love of Oprhan Black/ all things Tatiana Maslany with me, so it’s only natural that her name is added to my mentor list.