Welcome To “Febrewary”
     Today is officially the first day of the second month of the new year. I feel like we as a culture have finally simmered down from the first month frenzy and have come equipped with some sort of routine for ourselves.
As for myself I’ve finally come out of the trenches of being sporadically ill for almost a month and have finally slowed to a pace of life I can manage right now. My sleeping schedule has finally aligned with my goals. My meal prepping is no longer a task that I had become anxious/scrupulous about and I am a month into the new fangled world of Bullet Journaling.
Needless to say the month of January was a readjustment month.
February however is just beginning and I am exclaiming that for this month, I will be writing with a focus on coffee. I’ve written about coffee before and my cathartic  relationship with it, but now I’m going to take that enthusiasm and expand it a bit.
I need to write about different coffeeshops and how each one I step into has a variable vibe.
This will further push my goal to write more and harness my writing skills that I have been in distant contact with (really need to do my English minor justice). Hopefully you enjoy the forthcoming posts featuring Instagram worthy images.
Indelible Gratitude,

GratiTUESdays (10MB)


I’ve been so busy that I can’t completely summarize my thoughts into long paragraphs of detail, so I’m going to start entries entitled “10MB” which stands for 10 Minute Blog, basically taking anything I’m thinking at that moment and write for a total of ten minutes..Here it goes…

This weekend for me has been a whirlwind of grateful moments that keep reminding me how happy I am to be alive right now. Life for me at the moment is bittersweet. In full explanations, it’s mostly bitter during the weekdays but inexplicably super sweet on the weekends.
I now know what having weekends means for people of the workforce because now I am included in this demographic. Although working & making some sort of income is nice, what work has taught me is to be grateful for those moments of freedom that YOU do have.
Instead of wasting away your free time envying those on social media (hypocritical, I know, because I’m too heavily invested in Instagram + Twitter) take your free time to enjoy. What I mean by this is TRULY enjoy. Associate yourself with those whose personalities are infectious. Be with people who make you laugh until you can’t breathe, or make you flatulate & cause even more hysterical laughter than before.
As I’m sitting here in my favourite coffee shop this morning (S/O to Holsem!) Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry Bout A Thing” instantly plays and I’m relishing in this moment right now. I find comfort in the early morning silence, it’s my kind of bliss…

So, whoever reads this upon their screen.. I advise you to find your bliss as well.
Catch Ya Later,